Jane R Kramer
Organizational Consultant


Do you need a coherent policy-making process that leads to doable programs
that produce relevant, useful and effective results?
    Do you and your people (whether government agency or community based non-profit organization) seek to attract the attention and enlist the cooperation of others whose help you need in collaboratively achieving doable and useful policy goals?  
   Jane R. Kramer

   M.Ed., M.S.W, M.P.A


    I can be of direct and immediate use to you if you are making realistic policy assessments and implementations, changing or initiating governmental policies, building productive public awareness of issues of direct concern to your community, or building effective coalitions between agency and community.  
    My focus is on the inter-face between public agency and community agendas, paradigms and resources. You will learn how to better utilize the human and material resources you already have, both internal and external, and effectively network for others. You will also quickly learn how to enlist the interest and cooperation of others so as to effect public policy that relies upon community realities and input. You will learn how to recognize and eliminate barriers that have so far impeded your efforts and how to build explorative and useful open boundaries that facilitate cooperation and integrity between agency and community.  
    My background includes extensive interagency networking and community organizing experience, as well as a solid background in social work, public policy, city planning, and teaching/training. My experience in both professional and volunteer positions has been honed and expanded across wide-ranging organizational, community and cultural settings (including research in Japan on cultural and cognitive boundary processes).  
    I combine this knowledge with a theoretical background in situation group dynamics and use it to train people how to build cooperative networks and open boundaries that maintain creativity and integrity among groups who normally disregard or overlook each other. A major advantage of this approcach is that you and your people will be able, in the long run, to more sensitively and flexibly deal with changing circumstances.  
    In utilizing my services, you will immediately begin doing a needs assesment in terms of the program priorities and sociocultural realities of both agency and community. You will also learn how to build self-sustaining resources (which depend upon networking and boundary-making processes) and write effective proposals.